Published on 29 April 2024

General meetings : Interactive touch screens to vote because our clients are worth it

From show of hands, through voting boxes, to the use of touch screens, voting in general meetings has evolved significantly. A step that was taken by L’Oréal on April 23 during its general meeting. Nearly 1,600 shareholders were given a voting tablet upon their arrival at the Palais des Congrès to enable them to vote on the resolutions proposed by the Board of Directors.
Indeed, this year, L’Oréal has opted for the new “Interactive touch screens” offer from Uptevia. This offer allows companies to choose, based on their needs and the desired customer experience, their voting method from several types and sizes of devices (tablet, smartphone, shareholder’s smartphone).
This solution allows companies to modernize their image among their shareholders by improving their voting experience and by dematerializing reference documents, with the highest levels of security.

This new offer is based on a choice of devices that can be combined with each other, including 9” format screens (tablet type) or 6.52” format screens (smartphone type) latest generation MMA/DMI, thin, light and equipped with high definition resolution which allows you to view reference documents and videos in full HD. The use of these voting terminals can also be associated with the shareholder’s device (BYOD or Bring Your Own Device).
The Uptevia MMA/DMI solution combines flexibility with robustness. It is based on proven technology: the software used for voting by electronic boxes for several years combined with the latest generation intelligent wifi. In addition, this solution is compatible with all types of general meetings (face-to-face, hybrid and remote) and all possible voting media (tablets, boxes, shareholders’ smartphones).

Pascale Guérin, L’Oréal Group Financial Communication, says: «These voting tablets brought modernity to our General Meeting and allowed us to dematerialize the main documents made available to shareholders, as an extension of our CSR approach. I would like to thank the Uptevia teams for this smooth, efficient and successful implementation.»

Uptevia thanks L’Oréal for its trust, its MMA/DMI service provider for the quality of its products and its teams for the success of this general meeting.

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