In a constantly changing regulatory, tax, and technological environment, Uptevia developed a wide range of solutions to meet your needs.

We are a trusted partner able to provide you with long-term support in managing structural changes in your capital, entering the primary market, and undertaking your duties towards your shareholders. Our Issuer Services offer is based on the following expertise :

Shareholders register keeping

Uptevia manages your shareholders’ register for you (listed or unlisted registered shares). We provide assistance with any aspect of your shareholders’ accounts, including dividend payments, transfers, tax management, legal transactions, and so on. In this regard, we keep track of your share capital in relation to Euroclear, Euronext, and financial intermediaries.

Uptevia offers a reliable Investor Relation service to your shareholders. Our experts unit provides assistance with the management of their account. In addition, your shareholders have access to an online personal and secured platform so they can manage their account in total autonomy.

General meetings

Uptevia tailored services packages are designed to suit any kind and size of companies (listed and not listed, SICAV, health insurance companies, real estate investment funds, etc.)

Our teams assist you at any stage of the organization of your general meetings, from convening notices to voting collection and shareholders attendance registration to post-meeting voting registration confirmation.

Strengthened shareholders’ rights, combined with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) concerns are accelerating the deployment of digital solutions. We accompany you from the pre-general meeting voting to the shareholders’ identification and their voting. Uptevia is part of this innovative trend and offers e-convening notice, Votaccess implementation for pre-voting, and the opportunity to organize hybrid general meetings. With hybrid general meetings, your shareholders can participate online and vote in real-time. For general meetings with 20 to 100 attendees, the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) solution is an agile solution that provides a smooth and effective user experience.

Employee stock ownership

Companies need to continuously motivate and retain their talents. To do so, Uptevia provides a wide range of solutions to assist you in implementing and managing your Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). From employee shares offering to free share plans, stock options, and BSPCE, Uptevia enables you in managing the complexity of these schemes on a regulatory and tax level.

Throughout the various stages of your plans’ life cycle, Uptevia procures safe management of your plans vesting and holding periods. In addition, withdrawals of rights, mobility, and stock-options exercises can be administered on the online space available to your HR teams. Subscription collection is realized through a dedicated website entirely customizable.

Debt instruments

Uptevia offers a comprehensive range of debt market services, from bond issuance to redemption. Regardless of the peculiarities of your debt instruments, you receive tailored support throughout their life cycle.

Our expert teams collaborate closely with all stakeholders, enabling us to provide services tailored to your needs and manage your debt market operations.

Depending on the characteristics of your issue, Uptevia can act as the following : issuance and centralization agent, registrar, paying agent, exchange agent, conversion agent, and for all kinds of financial instruments: hybrid issue (ORNATE), Euro PP, Neu CP/Neu MTN (euros or currency).

Corporate actions

Implementing a corporate action can entail a high level of expertise, particularly in cross-border operations involving multiple stakeholders from multiple markets.

Uptevia ensures the success of your operations in this complex environment by leveraging expert teams with extensive experience in ESES markets (Euroclear Settlement of Euronext Securities). We offer customized services to help you set up your operations, such as an IPO (Initial Public Offering), dividend payment in cash or in shares, public tender or exchange offer, merger, and the like, in accordance with the most recent regulations.