Published on 18 June 2024

Uptevia, your key paying agent for debt issues

Uptevia is France’s leading provider of securities services to corporate issuers, and a key player in the field of equities as well as conventional, convertible and structured debt (long-, medium- and short-term).

A large number of issuers have chosen Uptevia to help them process their payment obligations as defined in EMTN or NEU CP/MTN prospectuses, stand-alone issues or structured issues (securitisation).

The securities expertise of the CACEIS Corporate Trust and BNP Paribas Corporate Trust teams has been combined in Uptevia in order to offer our clients the greatest expertise and the best services.

For debt issues under French law, Uptevia can assist you with the following tasks:

  • paying agent, settlement/delivery centralisation agent ;
  • conversion/exchange agent, redemption agent (including the most complex transactions, which may be carried out in conjunction with other local custodians) ;
  • calculation agent (where applicable, by coordinating with any other agent responsible for implementing a make-whole clause) ;
  • reporting agent;
  • processing of bondholder general meetings;
  • processing of your securities transactions, tender offers ;
  • register keeping;
  • domiciliation of negotiable securities (NeuCP), as well as data protection in the context of securities transactions.

Uptevia’s work on debt issues begins well in advance. Prior to the launch of the transaction, our teams work with the issuer’s advisors (banks and lawyers) to provide their business expertise and ensure the technical securities structure of the planned issue. This preliminary work ensures that our role as Settlement Agent is carried out in accordance with market standards:

  • create the securities with the Central Custodian (Euroclear France) on the basis of the accounting letter drawn up by our teams;
  • receive subscriptions from the financial institutions acting on behalf of the unitholders;
  • deliver the securities to the financial institutions;
  • pay the proceeds of the issue to you.

With this comprehensive range of bond management services, we are at your side throughout the entire life cycle of your bonds: from initial issue to final redemption, whatever their particular features.