Published on 9 February 2024

Future online portals : sharing moments with our clients

As part of the overhaul online portal available to its clients and their shareholders and employees, Uptevia invited several clients panels to a preliminary presentation of the new visuals and functionalities.

These moments of exchange were an opportunity for clients to share their expectations and suggestions, allowing Uptevia to build interfaces as close as possible to their needs.

This approach, which places listening to clients at the heart of Uptevia’s strategy, aims to deploy innovative and secure digital solutions with multiple perspectives:

  • Offer shareholders and employees an online portal with intuitive and autonomous management of their assets,
  • Provide Issuers with a cross-management platform offering advanced functions for reporting and monitoring of employee ownership, capital, voting rights and quorum,
  • Increase the level of dematerialization to contribute to the Issuers’ CSR policy (strong incentive for e-convening notice of general meetings, enrichment of e-services, etc.).

We thank our clients for the quality of our discussions, which will allow us to refine the range of services included in our portals and offer the best experience”, says Anthony Martin, Deputy CEO and Commercial Director of Uptevia.