Assemblées générales

Published on 24 March 2023

The 2023 general meeting season is starting!

Issuers face many challenges in organizing their general meetings. One of them is to promote shareholder engagement while making the event as accessible as possible. To achieve this double objective, and depending on the type of company and its shareholding structure, many options are available to issuers.

This is an opportunity to highlight all the solutions offered by Uptevia to help you make this special occasion a success.

We assist you in the organization of your meeting and are at your disposal to find the format best suited to your needs.


Focus on our solutions for the management of your general meeting:


Companies convening < 100 shareholders to their general meeting :
  • For companies wishing to be more autonomous, telephone assistance allows you to benefit from help during the various stages of your general meeting (for meetings with less than 20 participants).
  • For a better traceability, the certified vote, compared to the vote by show of hands, benefits from an audit trail thanks to the ballot signed by the shareholder.
  • For a more agile experience, you can use our voting service provider’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution. This solution allows the shareholders to vote directly from their smartphone (recommended for meetings of up to 100 attendees).
Companies convening < 100 shareholders to their general meeting :
  • For more flexibility and speed, you can have a digital solution with an attendance sheet on a tablet and a vote by electronic box (recommended for meetings with more than 50 participants).
  • Our digital solutions include the signature of the attendance sheet on a tablet.
  • Issuers wishing to innovate can deploy a hybrid general meeting solution. In addition to attendance, shareholders can participate online and live: benefit from a video broadcast, ask questions and vote.